How to Crack Every Deadline Using Task Tracking Software

Managing projects, especially in large organisations can be a daunting task. As a manager, you need to figure out a way of tracking all your employees and the tasks assigned to them. From ensuring that all employees are working to making sure that work is getting completed and billed on time, there are a multitude of things to take care of.

To organize everything effortlessly and ensure that you meet every deadline, whether external or internal, an effective tool is necessary. This is where task tracking software comes in. Task tracking software like OfficeTimer is a free and handy program you can use to ensure work is being done like it should be; efficiently and meticulously.


It provides an effective way to keep track of work, notifying you of various project statuses in real-time. Here’s all you need to know about how to quickly grease the cogs in your operational model.

You NEED a Task Management Tool

Most task trackers allow you to manage and record the time taken to complete each task. This not only helps streamline the tracking process but makes employees aware of the time they are taking to finish their work. OfficeTimer allows employees to choose individual projects and tasks and always keep a track on each of them. Based on the data generated by the tracking tool, a manager will be better able to bring productivity up to desired levels.

Task management software is usually very detailed and has a well-thought out design that allows easy usability. OfficeTimer makes the tracking process more effective by categorising projects, operational milestones, task descriptions, task duration, etc. The employees simply enter the percentage of work completed into the timesheet, which allows the manager to gain a better idea of the kind of effort and resources being invested in different projects.

Systematic Planning With Task Manager

A task management system helps your improve employee efficiency, thus enabling you to meet deadlines in time. You can break a particular project into different milestones and set a realistic target for every employee. OfficeTimer utilises Gantt charts where you can view the real time progress of each task and modify or change projects from there itself. This will help you get a better grasp of how much time a particular task is taking and how you can implement an efficient strategy to meet your revenue targets.

24/7 Access : Manage Tasks Online

The entire tracking system is online and that gives it an added advantage. You can easily share the tracker with your peers and make changes that can be viewed by them. The online nature of the software also ensures real-time reporting, making it more effective. The time tracker and task manager in OfficeTimer can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and both employees and managers can update information as and when needed.

Task management systems offers a lot of advantages and are something you should definitely consider using to make the process of managing a project easier and more effective.


Employee Management Software An All-Round Solution to Your Management Woes

An effective management team is the key to an organisation’s sustained success. But with increasing competition, simply being good isn’t good enough. Your organisation needs that extra boost to help streamline all the slow-moving processes and bring up employee productivity. Employee management software like OfficeTimer provide that much needed support and brings about a positive change in the way things are working.

Using the comprehensive, yet easy to understand, interface of an online time tracking software, you can get a better grasp of the internal workings of your organisation and strategist accordingly.

Let’s look at how an employee time tracking software can rid you of your management troubles while creating an efficient work environment for your employees to thrive on.

Plan Extensively With an Employee Management Software

Tracking tools along the lines of OfficeTimer, with their extensive features, allow the managers to make comprehensive plans about the way they want to run a particular project. You can create project teams, assign them to particular project managers, and allow the managers to create project-specific timesheets. The amount of customization available in a task tracker make it very convenient for efficiently managing even the most complicated of projects.

Utilize Your Workforce Effectively

Another big advantage offered by an employee time tracking software is that it brings out the best in your employees. OfficeTimer for instance, allows the manager to define and manage project milestones. Basically, this lets the manager set targets for each employee, which in turn ensures that the workforce is kept cautious about the work and learns to time themselves. By enhancing the productivity of even grassroot-level employees, you can build a workforce that is profit-inducing in the long run.

Time Tracking Software

Smooth-Running Work Culture

Imagine an organisation where everything works seamlessly and there are no bumps. That’s what an online employee scheduling software can provide you if utilized efficiently. With features that include four types of project billing, attaching unlimited project related documents, and grouping tasks into billable and non-billable, you’ll have all the help you could possibly need. On top of that, you can also import/export projects and tasks from other sheets, allowing for a smoother transition between projects.

Visually Represent The Project Progress

Another outstanding and extremely user-friendly feature offered by an online management system like OfficeTimer is the availability of Gantt charts. A Gantt chart is essentially a chart in which a series of horizontal lines show the actual amount of work done against expected targets for a certain period of time. Such comprehensive insight into the organization’s efficiency can prove to be really beneficial for its growth.

Employee time tracking softwares can be a goldmine for any company’s future prospects and as a manager you should extract all the benefits that you can from these tools.

Create a Dynamic Workforce Using an Employee Time Tracking Software

Is your fairly talented team’s mediocre performance driving you to your wit’s end? Leading a dynamic team takes a coherent action plan. Here’s how an employment management software will help you create that high-powered workforce by utilizing your existing resources to their maximum potential.

The key to handling a team effectively is knowing everyone’s capabilities and engaging them toward a desirable outcome. But managing a team can be quite a task when you have other priorities as well. Having the option of remotely accessing your team’s progress and their projects, gives you that extra time to tackle issues which need immediate attention. By using an employee time tracking software you can overview all your employees’ details pertaining to their work, attendance, assignment and delivery of projects in real-time. This will eventually aid in maximizing your profits and employee efficiency by exploiting two of your vital resources—workforce and time—to their utmost potential. If you’re still skeptical, find a company like OfficeTimer which provides you with free employee time tracking software for a month-long trial period.

And to back that up, here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why you should move on to a dedicated employee tracking system.

They’re Best For Time-Management

Time management is one of the key factors to making a team effective. For a powerful performance, a team has to deliver its best work well within their allotted deadlines. Setting a digital deadline will constantly remind the employees of the time left and make them more aggressive towards completing their tasks. With its highly customizable and user-friendly interface, OfficeTimer is the perfect tool for setting team goals. The timesheet feature helps you organize and assign tasks and deadlines to each member of your team.

Employee management software will reduce the amount of work on your plate by allowing you to remotely interact with your team and the projects they’re working on.


Increase Productivity With Employee Tracking Software

Optimizing teamwork should be a company’s priority. Setting up deadlines and tracking the progress of your team, would help you constantly analyze and strategize moves to enhance their performance. This will also give you a better idea of how much time a certain project or an employee is taking, and help you give realistic delivery dates to your clients as well.

Employee Attendance Software Streamlines Your Workflow

Make the diversity in your team work for you. Assign roles and responsibilities to each individual based on their own personal records. Employee tracking software like OfficeTimer, can help you get an overview of the entire business by monitoring the logistics of the work done by the employees and the time they’ve spent on it. This in turn can be used to scrutinize an employee’s productivity on projects and help you allot tasks based on their performance. Employee visibility increases when they are assessed individually, and this helps in better understanding their problem areas and finding constructive ways to solve them.

They Help In Prioritizing Tasks

Defining clear purpose for the project, not only boosts the creativity within the team but also helps deliver preferable results. A service like OfficeTimer can be used to sort the work into different tasks and review the progress made on the project. This gives you extra hours for those time-intensive projects and keeps you focused on relevant topics. Targeting problem areas in each team and creating plans that solve those issues would help you further ease the workload.

24/7 Access To The Time sheet

 Your access to the timesheet from the employment tracking software is not just limited to a desktop. A lot of software, including OfficeTimer, is available as an app and lets you evaluate your team’s performance on the go. This can be especially handy when you are on vacation and you don’t have access to a laptop or desktop.

6 Signs That You Need Employee Tracking Software

Struggling to keep your organization afloat with the talent that you have at hand? Well, maybe it’s time that you considered an employee tracking software. Many companies find it difficult to maintain individual accountability in the absence a well-planned system. Employee management software’s are the answer to this dilemma—they let you identify shortcomings and straighten out unwanted kinks.

In your quest for an efficient employee tracking system, you come across Office Timer, which seems like a complete package. But you’re still wondering if it’s the right choice. Well, here are a few issues that this software can help you resolve.

Vacation Time’s eating into the Profits

It’s annoying when a project suffers due to a lack of workers. And it’s positively infuriating to find out that this talent shortage is simply because of an inefficient leave management system. Office Timer offers a leave management tool that lets you know who’s available and who isn’t, well in advance. Using customized timesheets, you can equip project managers with the ability to deal with leave requests in a much more efficient manner.

OfficeTimer allows you to tailor distinct leave policies for different employees. Moreover, you can instantly approve or reject a leave request from just about anywhere by using their mobile app.

Unreasonably High Employee Expenditure

Employees who purchased goods or services for your company are often in a position to tamper with the budget. In order to ensure that there’s absolutely no frivolous use of funds, you need a fool-proof expense tracking system. Luckily, OfficeTimer provides the necessary tools to track each and every expense made by your employees. This employee management software allows your staff to create expense sheets that record important details of each spend. Each expense needs to be backed up by a bill or any related document. Once an entry is made, your managers immediately receive a notification about the same.

Time Tracking Software
Time Tracking Software Advantages

You’ll also find that client invoicing becomes much easier when you know what’s billable and what’s not. With the help of a mobile app, you can approve expenses instantly without cutting through red tape.

Projects Take Too Long To Finish

Sticking to a project timeline is difficult enough without your team members slacking off. But it’s not easy to keep a tab on every employee, especially when your organization is large in size. That’s why Office Timer’s time tracking software’s can come in handy. All you need to do is set up a timesheet and define the minimum/maximum working hours per day.

You can also customize your timesheet and add additional fields, depending upon the project requirements. OfficeTimer ensures that timesheet entries are easy to make, reducing the difficulty involved for your employees. These entries tell you exactly how much time it takes to finish a certain task. Using this information, you can estimate how long a project will probably take to conclude. This enables you to deal with clients in a smoother manner. OfficeTimer also has a task tracker that keeps you updated on the responsibilities assigned to each employee.

Employee attendance softwares like OfficeTimer aren’t just for recording the hours anymore. They’ve evolved to provide a comprehensive system of employee management that takes a huge burden off your mind.

Awesome Hacks to Get the Most Out Of Your Small Business

Running a small business is no easy job. In order to take any business forward, managers need to make sure that every single employee is working at their full potential. Apart from that, they also need to ensure that deadlines are being met and projects are progressing at a steady rate.

But, keeping every employee engaged and maintaining high productivity levels is a real task, whether you have 5 employees or 500. Let’s look at some of the ways you can ensure that your small business is always on cloud nine.

Delegate Smaller Tasks

Time Tracking Software
Time Sheet Software

To make sure that things are running smoothly, you need to create a solid plan of action. If you want your employees to deliver, they’ll need a foundation which they can stand upon. Without a plan in place, your staff will be nothing less than a bunch of the proverbial deer in the headlights.

With every project that comes your way, make sure that you have a set of targets and goals for each stage. This way, you employees will work towards achieving smaller milestones on shorter deadlines and not be burdened with a huge workload that will burn them out. Timesheet Management Software can help you manage multiple projects and break them into smaller tasks with ease.

Walk the Talk

Whether you have a flat or a hierarchical organizational structure, it’s imperative that the people at the top lead by example. When employees see their seniors taking a laidback approach, they follow suit and eventually end up slacking at work. There’s nothing quite like an energized senior leadership to make employees respect and enjoy their work.

Communication Is the Key

Maintain a good rapport with your staff. Don’t just delegate work and boss them around. Be approachable and keep all channels of communication open. Keep a constant track of their work and activity and give them regular feedback. This way even employees know exactly how they’re working and how their progress affects the company’s goals and deadlines.

Utilize New Technology

The easiest way to increase employee productivity is to engage them with the help of technology. You don’t need to micromanage your staff in this day and age. Make use of employee time tracking software to stay in the loop and keep your employees updated too.

With online employee time tracking your employees can manage themselves by clocking how much time they spend on each task, even if they’re working from home. Employee time tracking software like Office Timer works by letting both employees and managers check their progress at any given time.

The biggest advantage with Office Timer is the trial period. For 30 days you can use Office Timer and all its features for free. If you see a considerable increase in productivity in that time, you can buy a subscription and enjoy their services for whole year.